Gary Bentham

Happy 60th and 20th

So, 2020 Marks two landmarks for me. I am going to be 60 and the Dorset Community Foundation (DCF) is going to be 20. What better way to celebrate this but to combine the two?

Gary Bentham 11th February 2020

Thoughts of an (almost) Retired Fundraiser

For thirty years I have raised money, given it out, told others how to do it and even lectured on it at Universities. However, as in most industries, I’m still learning.

Gary Bentham 18th February 2019

So You Want to be a Fundraiser?

Gary Bentham has been a fundraiser and funding adviser for over 25 years, in this time he has raised, or worked with others to raise over £20,000,000. He is recognised as one of the leading experts on Grant Making Trusts in the UK. Gary also started the Dorset Community Foundation in 2000 and is now one of our Ambassadors.

Gary Bentham 18th March 2016