Dorset In The Pandemic: Covid Impact Report

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Dorset In The Pandemic: Covid Impact Report

The Dorset In The Pandemic report records the impact made by its £1.1 million Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund, which made 328 grants to 220 groups,.

Jeremy Mills, the community foundation’s chairman of trustees, writes in the report: “These last 12 months have, without doubt, been a time of uncertainty, anxiety, sadness and disruption never seen on such a scale in this country outside of wartime.

“However they have also brought out the very best in us as a people and in Dorset we have seen charities and voluntary groups step up despite losing staff and revenue, people who would never have imagined themselves volunteering coming forward to help their communities and new groups materialising to meet the need on their doorstep.

“I am proud that Dorset Community Foundation has stood squarely at the forefront of this effort.”

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