Successful Applicants

Guidance for Groups

I have received a grant from Dorset Community Foundation – what comes next?

Successful Applicants

What you can expect from DCF

  • We will provide our logo and clear guidance as to how you should use this in any publications or PR relating to the funded project or service – click here for full details
  • We will be clear about our requirements for End of Grant reporting, please click here
  • We will respond to queries or concerns from groups in a timely manner and understand that your availability and resources are also limited
  • We aim to conduct a Monitoring Visit with at least 10% of the groups we fund, prioritising groups that are new to DCF or where new work is taking place – we will arrange visits at a time convenient for groups and do not expect to meet beneficiaries if it is not appropriate to do so

What DCF may be able to offer – on request

  • For groups who need support to develop or improve their impact measurement tools (how you evidence the outcomes of your activities) we may be able to recommend organisations that can help you with training or one to one support, and we have a list of recognised measurement tools that may be helpful – please click here
  • We may be able provide advice or make suggestions about impact measurement in relation to your particular activities but this is likely to be limited to a single phone call or email– we cannot offer ongoing support
  • We are very happy to receive invitations to launch events, celebration events, AGMs etc – a DCF member of staff, trustee or Ambassador may be able to attend but this will not always be possible

What DCF is not able to offer

  • We are not able to offer face to face meetings to discuss applications or project updates in detail
  • We do not offer formal training on governance, fundraising or impact monitoring although we may be able to provide general advice and signposting
  • We cannot guarantee that we will visit your group during the grant period or that we will be able to attend events to which we are invited

‘Seeing is Believing’ visits

DCF arranges Seeing is Believing visits each year for individuals who support our work or want to find out more about DCF and the groups we have funded. These tours can help us to attract new funds for grant-making. We hope that if asked, you will be amenable to taking part and facilitating interaction with beneficiaries where this is appropriate. Please note – children and vulnerable adults should be accompanied at all times when taking part in visits.

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