Promoting Your Grant Award

Congratulations on receiving a grant from one of the Foundation’s Funds. We want you to promote your project as widely as possible and we have written some guidance notes to help you.

Promoting Your Grant Award

It is a requirement of the grant you have received to include the logo of the fund you received the grant from and also the Foundation’s logo. This means making sure that the two logos are used on your website, press releases, posters, flyers and other marketing materials you produce.

Not all the funds that we manage will have an individual logo in which case you must only include our logo. If the logo for the fund you’ve received funding from is not listed below, please just include the Foundation’s logo.

When used our logo must not be smaller than 3,5cm wide and 1,5 cm high.

Where to use logos:

  • Websites
  • Any marketing materials – leaflets, posters etc
  • Social media posts relating to the project or grant award
  • Press releases
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Equipment and funded building refurbishments (where possible)

Social Media

If you use social media to promote your project, follow us on Twitter @DorsetComFnd or use our #DCFgrant hash tag in tweets which mention your funding, so we can help celebrate your success.

You can also like and tag our Facebook page and we will share your posts and photos.


However you choose to acknowledge your grant, it must be for the lifetime of your project. This will depend on the nature of your grant – if it funds services, it will be for the duration of the services we have funded; if it is for a capital project, it is to be used for as long as that project exists.

If you have any questions regarding logos or promoting your project please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager Gary Lawrence

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