Space Youth Project

Space Youth Project supports young people in Dorset who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or are questioning their sexuality and/or gender.

Space Youth Project

The charity empowers young people, so they can have the positive self-esteem they need to overcome any barriers they may face growing up, caused or intensified by prejudice. They aim to make sure they never feel alone and to give them a sense of community.

Beneficiaries at Space Youth Project have expressed a desire to get involved in the fight for their rights and to reach out and help others. A grant of £5000 from the Youth Social Action funding programme will enable the charity to deliver such an opportunity. They will employ a part-time youth participation worker to help facilitate meetings with young LGBT people, to find out what they want to get involved in to meet needs identified by them and their peers.

They will encourage respectful listening to all ideas, ensure that the goals set are realistic and achievable, and safely explore how to adapt ideas to achieve success as the project develops. The young people will organise, plan and develop events and campaigns with an aim to reduce feelings of isolation in the young LGBT community and improve understanding of the issues facing them.

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