Grant Robson

Bursary Scheme allows disadvantaged young people to see a future for themsleves

Retired magistrate and teacher Richard Sawle is a member of our Bursary Scheme grants panel. He became involved through his friendship with our chair of trustees Tom Flood and his late partner Paul Cornes, whose legacy has contributed to the fund. Here he writes about why the Bursary Scheme is so important

Grant Robson 15th February 2022

Bursaries – Investing in Knowledge Gives You the Best Returns

It's bursary season here at the Foundation. In the latest blog post our Director Grant Robson reflects on how small help, in the form of bursaries, is making a big difference to local young people’s lives.

Grant Robson 26th September 2019

The benefits of transferring a charitable trust

After working with many local Charitable Trusts and Foundations to support them to increase their impact, our Development Director Grant Robson discusses the benefits of transferring a charitable trust.

Grant Robson 11th December 2018

Social Media for Social Good

59% of the UK population have active social media accounts and local charities looking to raise donations and gain support need to capitalise on that.

Grant Robson 19th February 2016