Our People

In order to achieve lasting community impact we work together with a large group of individuals.


Our Staff

A small team of three full time and three part time members, we focus primarily on managing existing grant programmes, working closely with our fund holders and groups that need support as well as raising funds for future funding programmes.

Our main priority is growing the revenue and endowment sides of the Dorset Fund by encouraging donations from individuals and organisations as well as legacies. In this way the fund will support particularly disadvantaged individuals across the county now and for generations to come.

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Patrons and Trustees

The role of our two Patrons and Trustees is to ensure we follow best practice in the governance and management of the organisation, and to lead on our development strategy by introducing the Foundation to new people and organisations that will help us achieve our goals.

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Our Ambassadors have the task of raising the profile of the Foundation across the county, utilising their own social and business networks and also communicating the purposes and work of the Foundation through speaker engagements at various events.

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Our friends are our advocates. They value the work of the Foundation and support what we do regularly through donations and volunteering for us.