Corporate giving

Show your commitment to your community with a named fund

Corporate giving

Your business is an integral part of the community in which you operate, offering employment to local people and generating wealth for the local area. We see many examples of businesses in Dorset seeking to support their local community but often struggling to manage strategically all the requests for donations they receive from local charities.

What are the benefits of having your own Corporate Named Fund?

  • By having your own corporate named fund with the Foundation we can ensure our expertise will help make your charitable giving effective, with real impact. Your fund can be relevant to the geographical area in which your business operates or your industry
  • We support you to ensure your giving is active, planned and tied closely to your business values and Corporate Social Responsibility plans
  •  We manage all requests for support and all grant awards made, letting you get on with growing your business activities
  • We manage and promote PR and communications relating to fund set up and grants awarded
  • Your business gets a dedicated fund page with your branding on our website

What are the benefits to your Employees?

  • We provide regular reports on your charitable giving, enabling better staff and stakeholder communications
  • We can involve your staff in deciding which groups to support, enabling better staff communication and engagement

Other opportunities for your business

One off and Regular Donations to Existing Funds

If your business may not be ready to open up a corporate named fund with us, our Neighbourhood Fund accepts one off and regular donations from local businesses and individuals.

Giving as an individual

Some of your directors or staff might want to set up their own fund or leave a legacy.

See the befenits of having your own fund in our Named Fund vs Own Charity Factsheet

For a chat about setting up a corporate fund talk to Development Manager Gareth Owens on 01202 670815 or email him at

Pictured above: Paul Zoltowski, left, Client Director of  Church House Investment Management, based in Sherborne, Tim Brown, Managing Director of Superior Seals in Wimborne with Development Manager Gareth Owens, and artist Stuart Semple, who have all supported Dorset Community Foundation

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