End of Grant Reporting

Guidance for Groups

End of Grant Reporting

Groups awarded a grant are required to report on the impact of their project. This enables us to learn more about the impact of our grant making on local communities and to provide feedback to our donors on the impact of their support. For most projects the report is due at the end of the grant period (usually 12-months). For larger grants we may also request interim monitoring be completed.

We recommend that you

  • Save the PDF of your application for reference when completing the End of Grant report – it is attached to the email confirming the submission of your application or you can request a copy from the Grants Manager
  • Save the email notification of your grant payment – this includes a link to your online End of Grant report and the date that it is due
  • Set internal reminders of the due date (you should also receive email reminders from DCF but these can sometimes be filtered into junk folders)
  • If the funded activities are completed earlier than your due date, complete the form at this time

What we want to see – it’s not just about achievements!

  • We encourage groups to be open and honest in their End of Grant report and not to confine reporting to good news only
  • If something during your project did not work as well as hoped or you encountered unexpected problems, let us know about it and what you did to address or overcome the problem or what you would do differently in the future – this is important information and won’t be held against you
  • If changes are being influenced by your beneficiaries or their feedback, please describe this process
  • It is also important to describe any organisational changes or improvements
  • If you have the technology, send us a video or photographs of your project by email

If we do not receive the End of Grant form

  • This will negatively affect future applications to the Foundation
  • This may result in us contacting us your management committee and requesting the monies to be returned

If there are any changes to funded activities

  • Please inform us asap if you want to spend the grant differently to the original budget and explain your reasons – we appreciate that groups may need to amend how the work is delivered in line with learning from beneficiaries or for other reasons (especially new projects or pilots)
  • Please inform us asap if you will not be able to spend the grant during the agreed period – we understand that delays can occur and if the grounds are reasonable, we may be able to extend the grant period

We use the information that groups provide to

  • Report on the impact of our grant-making, illustrate the need to support local groups, and celebrate the work of local community groups – this helps us to attract new donors/companies/organisations to work with the Foundation
  • Inform future grant-making decisions if you reapply to the Foundation
  • Identify any challenges experienced by funded groups upon which we can provide advice or signposting
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