Why Dorset?

While Dorset is a relatively well-off and privileged area in many respects, not all of its residents are equally fortunate – there are significant numbers of people struggling to cope with disadvantage and deprivation.

13 areas in Dorset are in the top 20% of deprived areas nationally.

Why Dorset?

Local Charities – Support Networks for the Most Disadvantaged

Over the last 17 years the Foundation has supported many smaller local charities and community groups who make a huge difference in improving the quality of life and opportunities for many less fortunate Dorset residents. It is a little known fact that in the county there are 2,300 registered charities and another 4,600 community groups who undertake vital work within our local communities.

Additionally, as publicly-funded service providers face the twin challenges of continuing constraints on their resources and growing demands for their services, a significant number of charities and community groups are filling in the gaps in service provision whilst struggling to secure funding for themselves.

Funded Projects – Maximum Impact

As part of our grant making strategy, we not only support smaller organisations that carry out vital work, but we also ensure funded projects are:

  • Sustainable
  • Good value for money
  • Support the maximum number of beneficiaries possible
  • Monitored and audited to deliver as per project proposal

We are currently in the process of reviewing our impact and outcomes assessment in order to ensure that we provide compelling evidence of the impact of donor/fund holder investment in local community development.


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