Impact Reports

As a Dorset-wide funder we want to celebrate the positive impact our grants have made to the lives of those in need and how this addresses some of the challenges facing communities. Our Impact Reports describe the impact of our grants on the beneficiaries of funded activities as well as the impact on the groups themselves. We also report on the impact of programmes for individuals.

Impact Reports

Our impact reports

Impact reports detail the outcomes achieved by the groups we support, by the end of work funded by our grants. Outcomes are the positive changes that people experience in their lives as a result of the charitable work. We base the reports on information provided by the groups at the end of the grant period, which is usually 12 months after the funding is awarded, which is why the reports relate to grants awarded in the previous year.

Impact Report 2019/20

Our latest Impact Report is for 2019/20. During that year:

  • We awarded  £396,883 in grants
  • Benefiting  5,390  people all across Dorset
  • The average grant size for groups was £3,624 and for individuals – £253

To read the full Impact Report, please click here.

Other Impact Reports

Every year our grants are distributed via a number of different funding programmes. Here are some of our Impact Reports for specific funding programmes during 2020 ands 2021.

DCF Bursary Scheme 

DCF Bursary Impact Report 2020/21

Corton Hill Fund

Corton Hill Fund Impact Report Round Two April 21 – April 22

Designs for Humanity Fund

Impact Report – supporting families at Christmas 2021

Dorset Performing Arts Fund

Dorset Performing Arts Fund Impact Report 2020/21

Wessex Water Community Fund

Impact Report – Round 2

Surviving Winter

Impact Report 2020/21

Change For Good

Impact Report 2020/21

Lord Lieutenant’s Fund For Young and Talented

Impact Report Round Three

The David and Quinta Woodward Fund

Year One Impact Report

Our Coronavirus Impact Reports

The following reports chart our impact during the pandemic

Phase 1 ‘Dorset in the Pandemic’ – impact of grants awarded Apr – July 2020 (and summary of awards in phases 2, 3 and 4)

Phase 2 – impact of grants awarded Aug – Sept 2020

Phase 3 and 4 – impact of grants awarded Nov 2020 – March 2021 (*including distribution of funds from BCP Council and Dorset Council)

Report for BCP Council – impact of grants awarded December 2020

Report for Dorset Council – impact of grants awarded December 2020 & January 2021


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