Professional advisers

Philanthropy services for you and your clients.

Professional advisers

Currently, only one in five advisory firms offers philanthropy advice even though clients are increasingly interested in receiving more. Indeed, a Charities Aid Foundation report reveals that 66 per cent of UK’s wealthiest people think professional advisers could do more to cover the area of philanthropy.

We have specialist knowledge of the local charitable sector and 17 years’ grant-making expertise. We can work together to enhance your services to clients by offering structured advice on local philanthropy.

Client Philanthropy Services

We can work with you and your clients to help shape and develop a more structured approach to their charitable giving. We make it easier to give both locally and effectively by offering simple, cost-effective and tax-efficient solutions. For example, if your client is considering establishing a charitable trust, we can offer a more convenient alternative in the form of a Named Individual/Family or a Corporate Fund.

Find out more by downloading our Named Fund vs Own Charity Factsheet

From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, the couple hoping to leave a legacy or the family who want to establish a memorial fund in honour of a loved one, we can help you find the best solution – tailor-made to ensure that the wishes of your client can be acted upon.

We regularly run short, informative seminars to upskill professionals to advise about philanthropy and we can visit your firm to deliver a special session on request.

Residual  Client Balances

Where residual monies on client accounts cannot be traced and returned to the original owner, professional firms are required to give these unclaimed balances to charity. DCF can transform unclaimed balances into an asset for the community. Community foundations are uniquely placed to help firms deal with residual client balances, because we can ring fence funds for your firm.

DCF will sign an indemnity and repay the funds should your client contact you and ask that the monies should be returned.

Find out more by downloading our Residual Client Balances Factsheet.

Social Investment Tax Relief

Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) is designed to support charities and social enterprises in accessing certain debt and equity finance from individual investors  by offering 30% income tax relief. The Foundation can match you with local social enterprises looking for significant investment.

Find out more by downloading our Social Investment Social Investment Tax Relief Factsheet.


Philanthropy Services Leaflet

DCF Named Fund vs Own Charity Factsheet

DCF Residual Client Balances Factsheet

DCF Social Investment Tax Relief Factsheet

To find out more about how we can help you advise your clients on their charitable giving, please contact our contact our director Grant Robson on 01202 670815 or email him at

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