Christchurch Activities for Young People

Christchurch Activities for Young People are an established local charity helping deprived and disadvantaged young people across Christchurch, aged 8 - 19, to develop the confidence and skills they need to lead positive and productive lives, and to increase opportunities for accessing employment in the future.

Christchurch Activities for Young People

They run structured activity days, residential trips and programmes that teach life skills and develop independence and teamwork. Their catchment area includes the Somerford estate, which is an area of high financial and social deprivation.

A grant from the Youth Social Action Fund was awarded to help towards the cost of setting up and running a young volunteer project. This will involve bringing a group of around 50 young people together to help plan and deliver the services run by the youth club, with the support of a youth worker. The young volunteers will be involved in learning how to plan activities and events, considering risk assessment and budgeting, giving input into grant applications and doing day to day volunteering duties such as working in the coffee bar, serving food at the community breakfasts, running sports or arts sessions and gathering survey responses. Volunteers will learn how to evaluate the work they have done and identify new skills they want to develop. Training appropriate to the role of volunteers will be provided, such as first aid and safeguarding.

A group of the young people will act as a steering group, who will meet monthly in order to provide feedback to our trustees and to monitor the relevance of the volunteering, the retention of volunteers and whether/how the project is meeting the needs of young people. The project aims to increase young people’s confidence, leadership skills and leads to a developed sense of community cohesion. The experience of working in a youth club environment and helping to plan and deliver services will also increase their employability and equip them with skills for life. A local business has made a contribution to cover staff costs to co-ordinate the project and our grant will cover the rest of the project.

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