Children and young people

Melplash Agricultural Society Limited

To improve standard of agriculture & horticulture in West Dorset and surrounding area by promoting improvement in breeding of livestock, promotion and organisation of agricultural show, ploughing matches and other competitions associated with agriculture, promotion of West Dorset agriculture to the public. To provide education in agriculturally related issues. To award bursaries to local students.

Alton Pancras Trust

To promote such charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Alton Pancras in the county of Dorset and the immediate vicinity as the trustees shall from time to time think fit.

Bridport Young Persons Action Trust

To help and educate young persons between the ages of eleven and eighteen through their leisure-time activities. As to develop their physical mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and their conditions of life may be improved.

Wool Surgery Charity Fund

To help in the healthcare of local people, by providing medical equipment (including drugs, dressings, foods, and other services), providing comfort for users of health care premises, and assisting transport for patients and their carers. To relieve poverty among patients, help their carers, and help local health education and research.

Blandford Forum Charities

An Almshouse charity providing accommodation for elderly and families in Blandford Forum. We also have and apprenticing and education charity and a relief in need.

Almshouse Charity

Charmouth Almshouse charity provides assistance where necessary to residents living within the parish boundary i.e. financial difficulties due to theft, loss of job, accident, hospital stay, desertion or a death. Annual grocery vouchers to those deemed in need. Help with school uniforms – college and university grants.