Women and Girls Projects Receive £42,000 Funding Boost

The Foundation has recently awarded £42,000 through the latest round of the Tampon Tax Fund.

Women and Girls Projects Receive £42,000 Funding Boost

The funding supported eight women and girls’ projects across the county including The Water Lily Project, Babigloo Music for Babies, The Shine Project, Safe and Sound Dorset, Samee, People First Dorset, Treads and Home-Start South-East Dorset.

One of the supported groups, The Shine Project, promotes physical and mental health in schools to increase confidence and resilience. Anne Clackson, Co-ordinator explained: ‘At the Shine Project we are delighted to have received a Grant from the Tampon Tax Fund. This means that our project can support up to 48 more female students aged 11-14, helping them to develop and maintain good physical and mental health, providing them with a firm foundation to achieve a successful and happy future.’

Grant Robson, Director at the Foundation explained: ‘This funding supports the groups on the ground that are making a huge difference to the lives of women and girls. We know there is a huge demand for funding of this type and we are proud to help small organisations working in our communities access this vital source of financial assistance.’

This is the second time DCF has awarded groups money from their Tampon Tax Fund to help women and girls experiencing issues such as period poverty, domestic and sexual abuse and difficulties with mental health.

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