Help Good Causes with Your Waste

The next time you lift the lid on your recycling bin STOP! The item in your hand could be needed by a charity, playgroup, faith group or children’s centre. The problem is how do you know it’s needed? Easy! Ideas2Action, a voluntary organisation based in Poole, has the answer. They have produced a recycling directory called We Need That.

Monique Munroe 16th September 2016

Help Good Causes with Your Waste

We Need That contains the needs of over 30 charities, playgroups, faith groups and children’s centres, everything from bubble wrap to yoghurt pots. See the directory for the whole list.

Some use the items for craft sessions while others use them to help with fundraising. Dorset Community Foundation for example, needs your newspapers, junk mail and magazines. Working in partnership with Perry’s Recycling who have sited paper banks across Dorset, you can take your papers to one of their paper banks and for every tonne of paper deposited, the Foundation receives £10.

Another charity is asking for old keys and padlocks. How many odd keys do you have tucked away in drawers around your home or office which you no longer need? These can be taken to Carter Shaw, estate agents in Ashley Road, Parkstone who will sell them and donate the money to help Routes to Roots, a local charity to continue their important work helping homeless people.

Ideas2Action would love you to eat more sweet biscuits and have a really clean home. Why? Because they collect empty biscuit wrappers and items from cleaning products such as pumps, sprays, washing-up liquid tops and empty disinfectant wipe packets. All these are sent off to a company which crush them up and make new plastic out of them.

As well as producing the directory, Ideas2Action run two Win on Waste groups in Poole; one in Creekmoor and the other in Canford Heath. Once a month residents in these areas (some people also come from further afield such as Wimborne and Ferndown) collect items from their rubbish or recycling and then donate them at one of two venues on a Saturday morning. The Win on Waste sessions on the 20th August saw 52 bags of items donated.

Two new Win on Waste groups will be soon be running in Southbourne and Kinson.

If you would like further details about how you can get involved and make a difference with your waste, please go to or contact Monique 07771 705662 or email:

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