Foundation Launches 2nd Round of Coronavirus Response Fund After Securing £900,000 to Support Local Groups in Four Months

The second funding round will support groups and charities helping Dorset people suffering hardship and disadvantage as a result of the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foundation Launches 2nd Round of Coronavirus Response Fund After Securing £900,000 to Support Local Groups in Four Months

In the first phase of  funding, over the last four months, the Foundation supported almost 200 projects to the value of just over £500,000.

Grant Robson, Foundation Director shared: ‘We are very pleased that thanks to the generous donations to our Dorset Coronavirus Appeal, we have secured £900,000, an amazing amount. I am delighted we can now move to the second phase of our response as the needs within our villages, towns and their inhabitants change and develop.

Ultimately, as a funder, it’s vital we seek the best ways to support and sustain small charities and community groups because without these front-line voluntary organisations, our communities face an even tougher recovery from the impacts of Covid-19.  As a Community Foundation we are a core local part the solution and working with our donors we can ensure that emergency and resilience funding (as well as longer term funding) gets to the right place, where it will have most impact. This is what we do.

As one of the only local funders still awarding grants at this time, we need to keep raising more support as the demand is unprecedented and will grow. We are by no means finished and we continue to be more relevant than ever before in our 20 years of operation, all for the benefit of communities within Dorset.’

One of the supported projects is #Masks4All, which is making a real difference to key workers, care home staff, GP surgery staff, hospital staff, local schools, charities, community volunteer groups, social work teams, family workers and lifeboat crew by providing them with colourful re-usable face masks. One of the beneficiaries from the project shared: ’Thank you so much for your help and for the masks. It is such a kind thing you are doing for the community in such uncertain times.’

The Phase 2 of the Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund offers three types of grants – £2,000 fast track grants, £5,000 longer-term grants and £10,000 partnership grants. The deadline for applications is noon on 28th August.

To apply please click here

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