Abbi Smith

Abbi Smith is a high achiever both academically (predicted to achieve all A grades at GCSE) and at her sport, Water Polo.

Abbi Smith

She is a member of the under 17 girls squad who play and train for England Water Polo.

In the past, Abbi played football and netball and was selected as a sport leader when at primary school. She has been recognised as a talented sports person at the Great Dorset Steam Fair Annual Awards and is on the gifted and talented programme for sport at secondary school.

Although both parents are working they struggle with the costs of helping Abbi achieve her ambitions – particularly travel costs and competition fees. Abbi described Water Polo as an underfunded sport and she has to raise the cost of travel and competition fees herself.

The grant from the Lord-Lieutenant’s Fund for Young and Talented will help Abbi with the cost of travel, accommodation and competition fees.

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