Creative Kids

Creative Kids is a local charity based in the Sovereign Centre in Boscombe, a deprived area in Bournemouth.

Creative Kids

They run a free after-school and holiday clubs for children aged 6-14, providing arts activities that allow the children to realise their creative potential.

A grant of £4,585 from the Youth Social Action funding programme will support a digital arts project that will be led by Looked After Children (LAC). The project will offer them a creative platform to voice, influence and share their experiences and aspirations, it will allow them to be heard on their own terms. They will create a social media campaign and a film that will challenge perceptions, educate, inform and raise awareness of the lives of Looked After Children.

The film will be shown at the annual Fund Day run by fostering agency ISP in July 2018, attended by approximately 300 young people and their foster carers. The campaign will also be shared on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Arts Award Voice.

Following the event, the film will be used as a free educational tool for lead professionals working in the care system in the UK. It will be accredited to the children who produced it, celebrating their involvement and leaving a legacy for future generations of foster children to aspire to.

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