Many Faiths Living Better Together

DEED is a centre for global education and learning in the heart of Dorset, which encourages and inspires teachers and pupils to develop their understanding of global issues and cultural diversity.

Many Faiths Living Better Together

The charity works with local people to promote equality for all and respect for diversity in the UK and around the world by providing workshops, resources and training.

The group was funded via The Building Stronger Britain together, a fund we manage on behalf of the Home Office and M&C Saatchi, which aims to counter extremism locally and nationally.

Deed worked to create, deliver and evaluate a new programme of workshops, training and 1:1 support on shared values and a sense of belonging in Multi-faith Britain for schools in Dorset.

One of the students, who participated in the workshops explained: ‘First, our workshop was with the ladies representing Judaism and Buddhism. They asked us if we had any questions and they were overall very friendly and they really made me want to learn about their religions. In the next workshop we had the opportunity to have conversations with the Christian priest, the humanist and the Muslim lady. They were also very friendly and the day was very enjoyable. I would love to participate in it again one day. I am very thankful for their kindness.

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