The Bourne Academy Parent Voice Team

The Bourne Academy Parent Voice Team received a £1,500 grant from the Dorset Community Education Fund 0 – 16 years to set up a gardening project.

The Bourne Academy Parent Voice Team

The project aimed to revamp their eco gardens, build a shed/greenhouse buy tools, plants, compost, seeds and run weekly gardening sessions for our students.

The students have enjoyed doing something different – it has broadened their outlook and they have discovered that they can overcome obstacles with resilience and determination.

Caroline Gobell, Project Coordinator and Business Director at the Bourne Academy explained:

The benefits of the Eco club are that the students have learned to work as a team and take responsibility for something that needs their care and attention. They have learnt that it is necessary to communicate with each other to achieve the end goal. They have also learnt how to be patient waiting for the seeds to grow and then the plants to show their fruit. They have become independent learners gaining knowledge of the sequence of how a plant grows from seed to plant to fruit. This has helped them with their Science work as well.

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