Zoe Gowers

Zoe is ranked 3rd nationally for her age group in Tetrathlon (version of the modern Pentathlon which includes swimming, fencing, combined event - running/pistol shooting).

Zoe Gowers

Zoe also has a TASS athlete status in the World Class Talent Programme in Pentathlon. She has just qualified to represent Dorset this year (2017) at the National Cross Country.

Alongside competitive sport, Zoe also helps support and train youngsters in the Dorset Pentathletes local running club and Leweston Pentathlon Academy in Sherborne. She is a sports leader at school and works with younger pupils to organise intersport competitions.

Zoe is also a high achiever academically, achieving All A/A* GCSE grades and hoping to go to Bath University in September to study a degree in International Development with Economics. Bath University is the national training centre for modern Pentathlon so she will be able to continue to train alongside her studies.

A grant from the Lord-Lieutenant’s Fund for Young and Talented will pay for the cost of riding tuition and new kit Zoe need in order to meet dress standards at competitions.

Zoe hopes the tuition and riding experience will enable her to gain a Junior Pentathlon riding certificate by January 2018, so that she can proceed with the sport of Modern Pentathlon at an international level.

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