57 Voluntary Groups from Across the County Benefit from the Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Funding

Within weeks of setting up The Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund, the Foundation has awarded over £173,000 to 57 groups from all across Dorset.

57 Voluntary Groups from Across the County Benefit from the Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Funding

Funded projects included medication and food delivery, mental health support, online support with a priority of helping those most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic such as elderly people, individuals leaving hospitals and expectant mothers.

Grant Robson, Director at the Foundation explained: ‘In the last three weeks we have received well over 100 requests for funding for emergency support. Our grants team, with the help of five volunteer professional assessors, has been able to support 57 groups so far – from food banks to mental health support sessions for young carers. We are so pleased that we are able to fund these groups, as within days of the lock-down they were amongst the first organisations to adapt quickly and help local residents in need.’

One of the supported groups from The Dorset Coronavirus Community Fund, Sedcat are assisting NHS passenger transport to clear hospital beds ready for Covid-19 patients. The charity also is delivering hospital equipment and medicines and taking patients to essential hospital appointments received. The grant from Dorset Community Foundation enabled them to cover cost of fitting sealed protective screen between driver and patients for protection and it also funded volunteer expenses.

Sue Leighton from Sedcat explained: ‘NHS providers are struggling at this very difficult time and welcomed the help that we were able to provide and the organisation can do this with the support provided by DCF to cover running costs and equipment’.

Alongside the grant making, the Foundation is also running a Coronavirus Appeal, which has raised over £340,000 in funding with donations coming in from the National Emergencies Trust as well as local and regional charitable trusts and generous individuals. For more details on the funding available click here.

For more details on the Appeal, please click here.

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