Mothcombe Youth Club

We were very pleased to have supported his fun and engaging project for disadvantaged young people in the Motcombe area of Dorset through the Toby’s of Shaftesbury Fund.

Mothcombe Youth Club

The funded initiative provides an opportunity for young people to create their own music in a professional studio and to showcase their work at community events.

Many of the young people in the area are disadvantaged because of the rural isolation – public transport is limited during the day and non-existent during the evenings – the walk from Motcombe to Shaftesbury is very dangerous and there is no street lighting or footpath.

There are no musical activities available for young people in the Motcombe area. Without the grant the youth club would not have been able to bring in expertise and equipment to develop musical talent, musical ability and musical education which is beneficial to all developing young minds.

The young people at Motcombe youth club would like to eventually use their developed skills to write/record songs for an album and sell online to raise funds for the youth club.

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