Travel Cost Bursary for a Talented Media Student

Student F. sought the bursary support to help with the cost of travel to and from Brockenhurst College from Bournemouth for her Level 3 Media course.

Travel Cost Bursary for a Talented Media Student

Due to unstable family situation F. was living with her sister, who could not afford the cost of travel and also working part time in a shop to make ends meet.

F. shared: ‘I would not have been able to attend my Level 3 Media course without the assistance of the bursary as the money went towards my bus pass that allowed me to travel to and from college. If the bursary were not available, I fail to see where I would have got the money to afford this.

As the bursary has given me the means to travel into college, I have been able to access the college’s resources of weekly counselling sessions, meetings with an emotional well being provider and an additional course run by the yellow door service. This has significantly improved my mental health which has had knock-on effects on my family.’

F. has shared with us part of her coursework – a short video for a local business called Almond & Co. You can watch the video here.

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