Jon Yates

A Short History of a Luddite

To say I am a luddite is not quite fair as I was the main man when it came to the setting our family video recorder in the 1980s.

Jon Yates 9th January 2019

Hidden Dorset – A County of Contrasts

Being a good grant maker and building philanthropy in order to do more of it comes with responsibilities. Giving away money to individuals and community groups must be done transparently, with care and hopefully in a way which targets real need in our communities.

Jon Yates 20th November 2018

For Good and Not for Keeps?

Charities fall into two main camps. Those distributing funds to a distinct beneficiary group as the benefit of some gift that was created in the past, or those constantly fundraising to meet the needs of their targeted beneficiaries.

Jon Yates 20th November 2017